Hyundai Tucson - Budget Segment SUV with Powerful Features


  •  Hyundai Tucson was all set to launch in Pakistan and it is the competitor of KIA Sportage and Toyota Fortuner which are now king of SUV’S. But with the Launch of Hyundai Tucson there’s a tough competition between them. This is a short term review so what I’m gonna do is just tell the things that I really like about it and the things I don’t really like about it ready. Let’s go
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Take a look at Exterior of Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tuscon_Exterior

In Hyundai Tucson, first the looks I like them tough and pretty at the same time I like that bonnet that tailgate and that side profile the two sons looks haven’t really changed since it was updated in 2018 that saw the taillights get a restyle and brought that new face with the cascading grille and redesigned headlights sure it hasn’t changed looks much since it was introduced to Australia in 2015 but the Tucson has aged pretty well . 

     On front side, Tucson comes with Penta LED Head  Lamp with LED Static Bending plus Auto Leveling Device and Fog Lamps. The auto leveling device helps in hilly areas and broken as light moves according to your car position. The LED Head Lamp is bright enough to darken your journey. The front grille is Hexagonal front grille which looks attractive and shinny with logo in center. There is LED rear combination lamps on rear side which looks trendy and modern. There are side skids on below the doors and retractable mirrors.

Overall the car looks very modern and upto date. The giant sunroof LED headlights and taillights 19-inch alloy wheels and the twin exhaust all right shall we go for a drive let’s do it now.


Now talking about the interior, the two suns insides haven’t really changed either since it was updated in 2018. This is the top of the range Highlander it has a list price of forty six thousand five hundred dollars. But it still feels a little bit plain and plasticky as compared to cabins in the top spec mazda cx5 and red Ford, which definitely feel more special than this. Coming standard on the Highlander there are leather seats. There’s an eight inch screen with sat-nav apple car play and android order as an eight-speaker infinity sound system with digital radio proximity unlocking tinted rear glass and dual zone climate control.

  I like those features, forget this you get all of them on the grade below now by stepping up to the Highlander. You also get power adjustable heated and ventilated front seats front parking sensors wireless charging for your phone a heated steering wheel. Almost are necessary features which a buyer wants in his cars are present.

Hyundai Tuscon_Interior

Performance of Engine:

Speaking about engine performance of Hyundai Tucson, the car comes with a choice of 4-cylinder 16-valve petrol and diesel engines. The petrol engine is 1999cc and diesel engine is 1995 cc. Both comes with 6-speed auto gear transmission. The engine produces 155 HP at 6200 RPM and 196 Neuton meter of torque. In engine wise the car is very powerful with providing good fuel average of 13-15 km/liter which is considerably good. Tucson competes with its competitors like Kia Sportage quiet easily is other departments as well as in engine wise. Hyundai Tucson is 4-WD car and it provides a very good response in hilly areas as well. Overall the SUV looks quiet comprehensive in engine performance as well. 

Comfort and Stability

In terms of driving comfort what it’s like to drive, the driving position isn’t that great. I can’t get my seat to go any lower than this so if you’re one of those people that likes to sit up really high yeah. I love the Tucson Highlander this it’s also quite firm now they’re brand new so obviously the foam hasn’t had a chance to sort of you know get worn in a bit. But at the moment they do feel like wood a little bit too firm. I hope over time that does get a little bit softer now in terms of visibility. I am having a few issues with this  pillar. The pillars are in the side of the windscreen and they’re quite thick. So there have been times when I’ve been going around roundabouts around corners and I’ve had to look around those pillars.

 And same with the visibility out the back too. It’s not terrific that back window is quite small and quite narrow and those little portholes which I look at those rear quarter windows. They’re really small and so when you reverse parking yeah you got a bit of a blind spot back there too. But that reversing camera is really good. So what’s it like to drive in comparison to its rivals like the method cx-5 and rav4. It’s good there aren’t a lot of complaints about the way it drives. Still the Tucson is not bad at all to steer.

 Okay now the big news for this latest update. This 2020 Hyundai Tucson safety features you know really is quite impressive. The lower grades cars have benefited most from this upgrade in safety features. But the Highlander is still the best kitted out you’ve got a EB which works at high speeds with pedestrian detection you’ve got blind spot warning. You’ve got lane keeping assistance you’ve got rear cross traffic alert.